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Sorry for the long break in updates

Hello, I am sorry it has been so long since I updated the site. Suffice to say the website  became so fragile I could no longer do anything without it breaking. I have changed hosting and been working on it to repair the problems and for now it seems to be hanging together. I am […]

10,Jun,2019 artist studio, Blog Carolynne
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Chrysopoeia – Golden graffiti

Chrysopoeia means transmutation into gold, it is alchemy. Turning base materials into gold, the impure into the pure. I found this bringing together of the impure graffiti aesthetic and making it appear as gold, something we hold to be so pure and prestigious, quite delicious. The profane into the sacred, almost. To take a material […]

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Following the muse

They do say a change is as good as a rest and I have gone with it. I have allowed my muse to lead the way and happily followed. 

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2018 What happened to 2017?

I cannot really believe it is 2018 already. I find the time passing so quickly these days I am struggling to keep up with it. Long gone are those days watching the clock which seemed never to move, now weeks spin by, the months disappear and the year ends before I feel I have even got my teeth into it. 

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The Wey Gallery, Surrey

                        Really thrilled to join the lovely Wey Gallery. Several of my paintings are to be available to view in this beautiful gallery located in 44 Bridge Street, Godalming in Surrey from next week.

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Artfinder editors picks of 2016

Totally thrilled to feature in the Artfinder editors picks of 2016, thank you Artfinder

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Fineartseen Catalogue

I’m delighted this morning to find that I am in the Fineartseen catalogue.

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Your Home Magazine Feature

I’m delighted to have a painting feature in the November issue of Your Home magazine. I would of missed it too were it not for the sharp eyes of my friend and collector Isla. Many thanks to Artfinder, Your Home magazine and especially Isla for spotted this for me and being kind enough to get […]

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Delighted to be featured on Artfinder again

A big thank you to Artfinder once again for featuring me in it’s Best of June selection. It has been a busy month with sales going out worldwide from Artfinder, Etsy, Artpistol and also from my own gallery on this site. I have eventually got the new look site up and running, though I still have many […]

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The simple task of updating my website… not!

Aghh! Have you ever set off doing something that you end up wishing you hadn’t started? Updating my blog sounded so easy, so sensible and yes, a quick thing to do. I think it’s best I try and find my hopeless optimism in this attitude to be amusing rather than despairer inducing. Lets just say it […]

18,Feb,2016 artist studio, Blog Carolynne
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