Well it has been a productive few months, I knew when I started dabbling with printmaking once again I may unleash the inner control freak part of my creativity. It’s back, hense the different style of my artwork recently.  I have had a surge of ideas and inspiration which has been really refreshing and invigorating. They do say a change is as good as a rest and I have gone with it. I have allowed my muse to lead the way and happily followed.

I know this change of direction is very much frowned upon in today’s art market, where you are supposed to have a fixed style and just basically regurgitate the same painting over and over again, with only the slimmest variation to the colour palate, medium, painting style or even subject matter. As if anyone could do this and remain genuinely creative for any length of time. We are told to keep our artwork recognisable, well even Tracy Emin does more than just unmade beds. I see artists throughout history have experimented and changed styles and subjects and I too must follow this course and allow my artwork to shift. It is I feel still as real and true to me as any work I have ever made. Maybe it is just a way of clearing the creative cobwebs? A sort of artistic spring cleaning for the year ahead. I feel renewed and I like the new work, I hope that you do too.  : )

Following the muse
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