Artist Statement

My paintings inhabit the area between abstraction and figuration, they are rich in colour and hidden meaning, I love forms, colours and textures that hint at meaning and yet allow my eyes to dance across the painting and my mind to run free.

I don’t work with a fixed idea or sketches it’s really just about the interaction of the colours creating the texture which suggest to me the composition. The most I start with is a combination of colours, it is the colours and the textures they create which conveys the emotions for me. I love to reveal the layers below with scratching back through the pristine surface, these add to the emotive power of the finished painting for me, like scars each one tells its own story. I work without an expectation of the finished painting, just trusting to chance and intuition, embracing processes which minimises my control I find provides the happy accidents I am looking for.

BA Hons. Fine Art
MA Creative Multimedia.

Joe Cole Memorial Drawing Award