The simple task of updating my website… not!

Aghh! Have you ever set off doing something that you end up wishing you hadn’t started?

Updating my blog sounded so easy, so sensible and yes, a quick thing to do. I think it’s best I try and find my hopeless optimism in this attitude to be amusing rather than despairer inducing. Lets just say it is turning out to be neither quick nor easy.

I am having to add in all my portfolio once again, the new site stores the posts differently from the previous one and means a lot of data entry for me. On a positive it is giving me a chance to review all the paintings I have done, those at least I have records of.  I admit there are several I didn’t even get to photograph before I sold them sadly, I regret this now.

I have been adding to the portfolio whenever I get the time to, but this has meant that my blog has gone unattended to. I still have so many to add it is ridiculous and then I need to sort them better to reflect the correct dates for each, but that will have to wait.

Sorry if my site has frustrated your efforts to see my work. I even think it is not revealing the full number of items as when I test the load more it sometimes doesn’t, AGHH!


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