Chrysopoeia – Golden graffiti

Chrysopoeia (Golden graffiti, Gold leaf textured large painting) (2018)Mixed Media painting by Carolynne Coulson

Chrysopoeia means transmutation into gold, it is alchemy. Turning base materials into gold, the impure into the pure.
I found this bringing together of the impure graffiti aesthetic and making it appear as gold, something we hold to be so pure and prestigious, quite delicious. The profane into the sacred, almost. To take a material which is so associated with high status and use it to gild graffiti could be seen as a very apposite comment on today’s culture.

It is also quite beautiful in itself, catching the light and reflecting the warm golden glow into the room. The texture of the graffiti shows up well, catching the light and changing as you or the light moves around it.

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