King Wren linoprint by Carolynne Coulson 2017Happy New Year to you all, I know it is late to say this but better late than never. I cannot really believe it is 2018 already. I find the time passing so quickly these days I am struggling to keep up with it. Long gone are those days watching the clock which seemed never to move, now weeks spin by, the months disappear and the year ends before I feel I have even got my teeth into it.

Ah well, 2017 was not too bad a year. I got a nice boost to my confidence at the end of the year with Artfinder letting me know I was in the top 20 artists for 2017. This is so lovely to hear as there are thousands of artists on this online gallery now from all over the world, and some wonderful art on offer on the site. The New Year has started off with a spurt of creativity, I have been busily painting several new works and have many more in progress too.

For my birthday last year I got a small printing press and have been happily reacquainting myself with printmaking, an art-form which I always loved. It is a nice sort of artistic exercise to allow myself to be a control freak again. In my painting I repress the control to allow happy accidents. Printmaking however allows total control again if I want and it is nice for a change. I have had so many ideas for new prints which I will work on in the coming months.

I have agreed to some new online galleries and will post links and information about them soon. I have all the digital bits to do ready for that now.


2018 What happened to 2017?

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