I have done an interview for Artpistol, yes I know, I am in danger of reckless ego inflation!

I must admit I sweated a bit over the questions and tried hard to stay clear of the type of thing you read in pseuds corner, its a hard balancing act to find the right mix of arty speak and still talk in a genuine and meaningful way.

As I have said before I find writing about myself quite excruciating and this goes for my art too. It is the case for many artists  I think,  my work I hope speaks without the need for words, my paint is what I try and convey feelings and even ideas through as words just don’t seem to fit for me, they never have, perhaps if they did then I wouldn’t of found the solace in art that I have, and could of been a writer or a poet instead.

I have used this forced introspection into my inspiration and motivations to sit down and write a better artists statement. I have always shied away from this in the past, choosing the old fall-back of using a nice quote in its place and staying enigmatic (that’s the intent anyway, probably not how it comes across). I’m not sure if my reticence is due to a  basic inclination towards shyness or  my very Yorkshire belief in plain speaking, I occasionally can be blunt and take a perverse pleasure in it too. It may of course be down to the excessive length and convolutions of many of the artists statements I have read, you see a piece that touches you and read the statement of the person who created and end up more confused than before you read it.  I think the truth is really that I just know that writing is not my medium, so I don’t want to focus on it, so if it’s bad please forgive me.

Anyway, please take a look at my interview if you are interested, and let me know if you think it is too much arty waffle.


Yes I Know, but have you read my interview!

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