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Rickwood’s Gallery - Carolynne Coulson Solo Exhibition -

It’s been ages since I have posted anything into my blog, not for lack of things to write about, but for lack of time. I have been frantically busy in the past few months, summer has come and gone in a blur of frenetic energy. No time to sit back and smell the roses this year sadly, I haven’t even managed one trip to the seaside with the little ones and we live close to it too! I’m not complaining, well maybe just a bit in the why can’t I have my cake and eat it too sort of way, but I know I am lucky to have opportunities opening for me and I would be a fool to let them pass me by. Anyway a nice trip to the seaside is still good in the bracing autumn breeze, it gives one a good excuse to indulge in fish and chips : )

Rosenstiel’s, Fine Art Publishers have published a second selection of my paintings which is very flattering once again. I have also got a fine art publisher in San Francisco who is selling reproductions of some of my other works.  The link to their site is here if you want to check it out .

The exhibition in China is still on tour, and most exciting of all I have a solo show in a brand new little gallery based in Whitley Bay. Rachael and David have started a new bricks and mortar gallery in this lovely seaside town, converting an old bakery into a lovely little gem of a gallery. The gallery sells not only art but art materials and gifts too, which makes it just about perfect for me, if there is one thing I love buying more thank art it’s buying art materials!

If you are within reach maybe take a look the address is:

Rickwood’s Gallery




NE26 2QY





Click here for a map and directions 

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