It has been a while since I have painted as I have already admitted. Naturally many of my huge collection of paints have not survived the wait, several have had to be thrown out as they had dried up over the years, but not all, surprisingly many of the paints I expected to be a dry tablet in the bottom of the pot/bottle are still fine and some of the more expensive tubes have turned into a sort of art themed doorstop.

If I had been asked to guess which would of made it through I would of plumbed for these tubes, but no, these are the worst! The best are my beloved Liquitex bottles/jars, I have long loved Liquitex soft body paints, I find them perfect in just about every way, the colours, the intensity, the permanence and not to forget the bottle. The little bottle suits me well, it is squat and stable, easy to access via the flip top with one hand (the other being covered in paint), great to remove the lid and dip into. Imagine my horror then when I discover they are gone from the shelves! Not going, not being fazed out, no, gone! They have been replaced over the years I haven’t been painting with dam tubes, I am not a happy bunny to put in mildly.

I am going to have to wash out all the old crusty bits from my jars and re-fill them with the tubes, bloody minded I know but I will feel lost without them. Is it just me or does it seem all to often these days that yet another thing I love has been replaced with something inferior.

Sorry for moaning on, on a final and more positive note, I have a good stock of my precious paints still in excellent condition, so I will only need to re-fill a couple of colours as yet.

Whatever happened to liquitex jars?

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