It’s not until you start compiling your work together for a project like this website that you realise how disorganised you really are. Looking for images of artworks and details on them proves difficult, I wish I had been more methodical.  I thought I had photographed most, but even the ones I have caught on film are proving elusive, which folder? which disc?

All this bitty finding and listing up of images or my artworks has meant that they are not exactly in correct chronological order, which is not ideal.

It is fun though (when you ignore the hassle of searching folder after folder)  finding pictures and works that I had forgotten about, revisiting my past. I have only recently started painting again, and I am absolutely obsessed once again. It did pain me over the past few years that I could not paint and I did still create digital works, but no actual painting. Its a sacrifice I had to make as with two small children and my own business to run there was just not enough hours in the day.

I haven’t got around to listing up any of my latest crop of paintings yet, I am still trying to find the older items and list them in am attempt to keep them in some sort of chronological order, but soon I will.


The trials of disorganisation
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