My brother and friends have been telling me great things about Instagram for ages, it is one of those things I just never seemed to get round to setting up, I love my Pinterest and use Facebook and twitter a little so I wondered, do I need any more social media accounts? I did however think I should check it out, and when I did I found it was nice and visual and decided to give it a go.

Getting it set up though was a bit of a learning curve though, I am one of the few remaining people on the planet it seems not to have an iPhone, or an android phone either, I managed to set up an account and eventually found a desktop way to post images, not with much control though, I had to borrow my son’s tablet to delete one image I accidentally duplicated. But I am up there now, and am just trying to get acquainted with some of the etiquette of how to use it and looking for nice images to like.

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