One of the things I haven’t done a great deal of is publicising my art, its something I find a little uncomfortable to do. I know it may not come over, but I am a pretty introverted sort or person and not someone who generally courts attention. It seems it is really just about the only way though to try and establish yourself and your art these days, there are so many artists out there and though some have been discovered there are many more making waves through marketing themselves and their art well.

I typed in abstract art gallery into Google, I thought it would be interesting to see what results it returned, and it was. One of the first page listings was for the Abstract Artist Gallery, I have seen this gallery before but had never thought about submitting my art for some reason, this time though I did and this morning I got a very nice reply emailed though accepting me, and saying some very nice things about my paintings.

So please check it out if you are a fan of abstract art, there is a huge number of artists from all over the world and so many styles of painting, there surely is something to suit every taste. Its is presented in a nice way too, with not too much waffle, just enough and a sample of each artists work so you can find inspiring works and discover artists whose work you may never of come across.

Currently one of my paintings even features on the homepage which is very flattering, so why not check it out, there may be art listed which is just what you were looking for.

Visit the Abstract Artist Gallery

Visit my page on the Abstract Artist Gallery

Visit their facebook page, this is a great way to stay fully up to date with the gallery and new artists, new work and what is happening in the abstract art world.


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