I have been doing some painting onto paper recently, I bought myself a wadge of acrylic papers and set to work or should I say play (play to be perfectly honest). After painting large canvases it takes a while to get used to the small scale of these little paintings but the are each pleasing, especially when framed up nicely. They are also so much easier to send which is a nice bonus.

I like the idea of them too, they are only small, and so would fit into even the most modest amount of wallspace or to lean against a shelf. This means they are ideal for those who would like an original abstract but have very little room, and lets face it that is becoming more and more of us. They are also priced to be affordable, I really believe in the principle of everyone being able to have original art, it should not just be for those with deep pockets as the saying goes. These little gems are within reach of those of us who have to watch what we spend but also want some nice things.

I have also been experimenting with painting on board, and onto some divine little blocks of oak I have re-found in my art cupboard. They are only about 4 inches square (if that) but deep enough (and not straight either) to stand on their own. I think they would look great on a bookshelf and am really enjoying playing with them.

Small abstracts

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