Since getting back into my painting, I have been grabbing every spare minute to paint. Currently I have about 10 paintings on the go, this is normal for me I like to work on several at once, I hate when colours become muddied and so add as much as I can to one canvas and then set it aside to dry and pick up another one.

I did wonder if my style of painting would of changed in the few years without painting, could it evolve without work, just as a passage of time? I would have to say it has changed, perhaps this is natural and obvious, I have changed in those years and so the art I make must also be different.

Changed, but some much more than others, some of the canvases I have just done definitely feel like the older paintings style, with figures hinted at in the abstraction, some are more purely abstract. I have just finished a canvas though that I feel is a break from the past and I hope will be more of a direction that I will be going into.

I am loving the colours and the composition at the moment and feel even more inspired to paint than ever, I would love to know what you think of it, please let me know.

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New canvas

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