Goodbye to Phoenix online gallery I hope that like your namesake you are reborn once again.

It looks like the growing number of online galleries some of which are really big like Saatchi Online,  are forcing the smaller ones out of the market and indeed out of business, its sad to see especially when it’s a nice one like Phoenix Gallery was.

I only sold a few paintings through Phoenix but it always was one of the ones I liked using. It was the one who took the smallest commission too at only 20% I think, which is maybe why they couldn’t make it profitable to keep going.

I am one of those people who doesn’t much care for facebook or twitter, though I will admit to a serious Pinterest addiction. What I spend my time doing when I am online and not working is looking at art, I cannot get enough, it’s my happy place, and the more galleries there are the more I like it. It was a very bitter pill to swallow when the high street galleries all seemed to die, there are a few still hanging on but not in the numbers there were, I hope the online galleries will not thin right down.

I wish the owners of Phoenix Gallery the very best of luck with whatever venture they try next, and thank them sincerely for all their efforts to promote me and all the other artists they had listed.

Goodbye to Phoenix
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