I am still settling into my new studio, the natural light is wonderful and not something I am used to as all my previous studios have been dark little places. This new light studio space though is perfect and I really appreciate it every day, now I can see the colours as they are. The other huge bonus is that it is a devoted space for my art which means I don’t always need to be getting out my paints and setting up or putting away, and therefore have more time for actual painting.

I have been painting whenever I get the chance recently and have many paintings in progress, which is how I like to work. I hate to muddy the colours and so paint as much as I can one one and then leave it to dry for a hour or so before returning to the piece, with several on the go I just pick up another and continue painting.

The people have returning in some of the paintings , in others have disappeared again beneath the paint, but they are appearing once again, all over when I look at the paint. I feel compelled to reveal them, even when the painting is progressing nicely as purely abstract, and even if they are painted over later, it feels a bit like giving them life.

I spend so much of my working day making illustrations and delicately retouching photographs that the control freak side of myself has a lot of muscle, encouraging the carefree experimenter in me is challenging, but always worth it at that is the part of me who I feel is the most creative and which makes the happy accidents which I love.

Getting back to work

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