I have just stumbled upon Fine point studio and the artist Carol Hopper; I haven’t used my blog before to point out work by others before, not as I do not appreciate art created by other people or only have eyes for my own, I do really enjoy the art of others. The reason I haven’t before is just as simple as I haven’t found any that motivated me to actually post before, basic laziness, this will change I promise, I will promote many from now on.

Carol Hopper’s work is outstanding, she has an ability to deliver fantastically realistic images as convincing as a photograph and yet carrying more emotion and empathy for her subject that even the most well shot and composed photograph can. It  makes her work shine out from the crowd, I urge all of you with an appreciation of art in any form to look over her work with wonder and awe at the skills this self taught artist holds.

Carol has suffered more than most due to the global economic crash and has turned this upturning of her world into a vision of compassion for the lost and humbled among us, she puts it far more eloquently than I can on her Etsy page.

Her work is wonderful take a look, and spread the word!


Beautiful drawings
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