I decided to invest in an usb floppy drive so that I could harvest old images from the large pile of floppy discs I discovered during my spring clean.

These old discs have intriguing titles and I vaguely remember some of the things I stored on them, years ago, worth seeing again and transferring onto a better format anyway.

Well the drive arrived and has now returned, wouldn’t work! typical, I got all excited too, ah well maybe the replacement will work when I get one.

The only images I managed to retrieve was from an exhibition in Billingham art gallery back in 1999. Good grief but time moves fast, it really seems not that long ago, certainly not 14 years ago!

It was nice to see some of my old work though, I had quite forgotten some of it, the digital collage of the eyes had long since vanished from my conciousness, I did remember the glass tower though and a couple of the paintings.

Archiving work

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