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Goodbye to Phoenix

Goodbye to Phoenix online gallery I hope that like your namesake you are reborn once again. It looks like the growing number of online galleries some of which are really big like Saatchi Online,  are forcing the smaller ones out of the market and indeed out of business, its sad to see especially when it’s […]

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Now available from…

I’m quite excited today, some of my paintings are now available as prints from Rosenstiel’s, Fine Art Publisher. I am greatly honoured to have been added to their catalogue of artists, its really a lovely endorsement from such an established business as this. You can see my page at

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Abstract paintings on oak blocks

I had to gesso them several times, but they have been a lovely surface to paint on, I love the way the paint scratches back to show the layers underneath and they look pretty good on the bookcase, a nice object d’art.

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