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Small abstracts

I have been doing some painting onto paper recently, I bought myself a wadge of acrylic papers and set to work or should I say play (play to be perfectly honest). After painting large canvases it takes a while to get used to the small scale of these little paintings but the are each pleasing, […]

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abstract painting fragments

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Getting back to work

I am still settling into my new studio, the natural light is wonderful and not something I am used to as all my previous studios have been dark little places. This new light studio space though is perfect and I really appreciate it every day, now I can see the colours as they are. The […]

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Starting over

It has been quite a while since I posted up some more work, but more is on the way. My new studio is up and running now and I am busily working away in it, loving it and the loads of natural light which I so longed for before.    

4,Feb,2014 Original painting Carolynne
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Art Pistol’s Pop Up Christmas Gallery

If you are in Glasgow in the next month or so, why not take the time to drop into Art Pistol’s pop up Christmas gallery, Several of my paintings are on show, not to mention art from many other artists who feature on the Art Pistol site. The gallery is centrally located at 49 Cochrane St, […]

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Each canvas is a fresh start

Its odd, I just wrote a long winded artists statement about how people keep appearing in my paintings and … well,  they have disappeared. Maybe they are on holiday, or I am even more awkward than even I suspected, but I have completed my last five paintings and each is totally void of people, not […]

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Yes I Know, but have you read my interview!

I have done an interview for Artpistol, yes I know, I am in danger of reckless ego inflation! I must admit I sweated a bit over the questions and tried hard to stay clear of the type of thing you read in pseuds corner, its a hard balancing act to find the right mix of […]

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Beautiful drawings

I have just stumbled upon Fine point studio and the artist Carol Hopper; I haven’t used my blog before to point out work by others before, not as I do not appreciate art created by other people or only have eyes for my own, I do really enjoy the art of others. The reason I […]

12,Jun,2013 online art , Carolynne
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Art for sale on Artpistol

I have listed up some of my paintings onto Artpistol , is a really nice UK based online art gallery,  so far I have only listed up a small part of my work, but I am steadily increasing the artworks on it. So if you are looking to buy some affordable British art or just like […]

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The quality of the readymade canvas

Well first let me apologise for moaning on again, I really am beginning to sound like some old fuddy duddy, “this is not how things were in my day!”. By means of an explication for this whining let me just say I am genuinely shocked by the quality of canvases being sold today. As a […]

10,May,2013 artist studio Carolynne
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